So Now What? Class
So Now What? Class
So Now What? Class
So Now What? Class
So Now What? Class
So Now What? Class
So Now What? Class

So Now What? Class

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**This class is currently unavailable. I am working on updating content and will make it available soon**

You've fine-tuned your doodled creations and perfected your hand lettering style. So now what? It's time to apply your lettering and doodling skills to take your art to the next level and maybe even make some money along the way!

In this class, we're going to take a deeper look into the Procreate app. I'll share tips for vectorizing your work, creating repeating patterns, designing coloring books, and adding your artwork to video, as well as the resources I used to learn how to create a font. I have an epic amount of resources to share with you—things that have taken me years to learn! This class includes a detailed workbook with all the steps, information, links, shortcuts, freebies, and knowledge I have to give. So join me and discover what's next for your art!  

Once you're enrolled, you'll have immediate long-term access to this class so you can get started now or come back to view the material whenever you want!

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8 lessons

I'm going to share an epic amount of knowledge and information with you—things that have taken me years to figure out! Get ready to up your lettering and doodling game with all my best ideas.

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2 hours

It'll take you about two hours to watch the videos and read the text, but be prepared to put in lots of practice to hone your skills.

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We’re flexible around here! Take this class at your own pace. Be sure to practice what you learn in each lesson and then come back for more of Tara’s favorite tips and tricks!

Class Lessons

  • Procreate

    Take a deeper dive into the Procreate app and see my workflow.

  • Vectorizing

    There's no limit to your artwork when you vectorize it!

  • Printing Your Work

    Let's navigate the endless options when it comes to printing your artwork.

  • How to Add Doodling & Lettering to Videos

    Make your creations come to life by adding them to videos!

  • How to Create A Repeating Pattern

    Get my step-by-step process for easily creating a repeating pattern.

  • How to Create A Coloring Book

    Ever wanted to design your own coloring book? I'll show you how in this lesson!

  • Resources I Used To Create Fonts

    Turn your handwriting into a font + the course to take if you want to take font design seriously.

  • Final Thoughts

    It's time to take everything you've learned in this class and start applying it!