Goals, gratitude, remember journal on desk surrounded by pencils and plants
Goals, gratitude, remember journal on desk alongside pencils, glasses, and a hand touching the cover.
Goals, gratitude, remember journal open to page showing how I use it.
Goals, gratitude, remember journal open to prompts page with hand holding a pen.
Close up of prompts page showing top half of page.
Artistic shot of top corner of prompts page with pencils and glasses above it on desk.
Stitched binding helps the journal lay flat. Shows bottom half of open journal.

Rad & Happy Journal 5x8

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The Rad & Happy Journal is simple: a blank page on the left for notes or doodles, and three prompts on the right: goals, gratitude, and remember.

How I use the journal

Goals - This is where I write out my goals like they have already happened. (Example - My kids actions don't determine my mood). When I write them out this way, my brain starts thinking this way, and I catch myself making choices that reflect this goal throughout the day. This is also an awesome thing to reflect on to see how far you've come.

Gratitude - I am a firm believer that gratitude can change the world. Actually writing out things you are grateful for is the best way to pull yourself into the present moment. And because it takes longer to write than think, it helps your brain slow down enough to really cherish those things in your life.

Remember - This is where I write down the little things that would otherwise be forgotten. So much of our lives are made up of these tiny magical moments that we forget about just days or even minutes later. I quickly jot down funny things my kids said, when I saw kindness that day, or something my husband did that made me feel loved that day. This is where I jot down those tiny things that are actually big things.

The Rad & Happy Goals, Gratitude, Remember Journal gives a perfect overview to where you are in your life with what you are working towards, helps ground you and put you in the moment with what you're grateful for, and helps you reflect and remember the little things you would otherwise forget.

I'm not one to sit down and journal for hours every day but these three short prompts make a huge impact in my life and the difference between days I do and don't do it are undeniably different. This journal is one of my greatest treasures and it's my biggest hope that it will bless your life as much as it's blessed mine.

1 - 5" x 8" Faux Leather Journal

  • 184 pages
  • black ribbon page marker