Rad & Happy Procreate Brush Set


Please note: These brushes will only work in the Procreate App.

My new Rad & Happy Procreate Brush Set includes 4 new styles of brushes and a star stamp. 

1. The R&H monoweight brush. What I use 90% of the time for all my lettering. Doesn’t taper. Perfect ends. Juuust enough streamline but not too much. 

2. The R&H brush. Beautiful thick’s and thins. No weird ends. Squares off beautifully with the perfect amount of variation.

3. Sketchy. I use this for all my initial sketches and also at a bigger size for coloring Color Happy. It has a beautiful texture and looks like a real life pencil.

4. Retro. I’ve been using this one a ton lately because it’s SO FUN! Like everything I write with it is instantly magical. Squared ends. Sexy texture. All the good things in one brush.

5. Bonus Rad & Happy star stamp!!! I’ve been told a million times that my stars are tricky to draw so I’ve done it for you! Seriously such a fun element to add to all your lettering and drawings.

To download from iPad: 

  1. Click the download button.
  2. File will go to your files folder on your iPad. 
  3. Click file and it will automatically download into ProCreate

From computer:

  1. Airdrop or email the file to iPad
  2. Tell it to send to ProCreate

(If you are a visual person, watch the brushes story on my Instagram and I’ll walk you through it)

Be sure to tag @radandhappy and #radandhappybrushes for a chance to be featured and so I can virtually hug your talented self.