Tara's Favorite Pens 2024

But Tara. Which pen is your FAVORITE?!

I mean ok most loaded question of my life because it depends what I am sound, how I am feeling and what the weather is like. Haha but I do have my go tos so here is the short list of some I am reaching for lately. This is subject to change and my pen collection grows by the daily. Haha but let's get into it. 

For access to the links without all the info scroll to the bottom!

Every Day Pens:

My favorite pen for forever was the Muji click pen. They have since discontinued it and now use a different barrel that I am not a fan of. I still love the ones with a lid but for convince, having a click pen is real nice so I have been on the quest to find the closet thing to it ever since. 

And that perfect everyday click pen in the Sarasa clip by zebra. Even the bodies are super similar. I do prefer the simple clip with no logo on the Muji but that is my one and only gripe. It's a perfect pen with wonderful ink. 

Honestly anything with the Sarasa name on it by era is pretty magical. They have higher end metal body ones that are just a freaking dream to write with, the have the nano which is the thinnest of the thin, and all their fun colors of the Sarasa Clip are super fun for doodling and color coding. 

The runner up to this everyday pen is the UniBall one. These are just downright beautiful in every way. The colors cannot be matched. (and they have about every color you could possibly imagine in specially pen stores). They tend to prefer smoother paper and everyyyyyy once in a while they will give you a quick skip or fade. But I always forgive them because what they bring to the table is just so great and we all make mistakes sometimes.

They also released this cute little chubby uniball one p which makes me happy just looking at it. It is a little harder to write with something that thick. but I still enjoy it being in my life for quick things here and there.  

A really solid can find anywhere and everywhere choice is the Pilot G2. This pen is just a workhorse with some of the best ink ever. It's really comfortable to write with and if you love a fine tip like me, their .38 isn't scratchy and is a dream to write with.

Markers & Highlighters:

Sharpie did a great job with their S Note Duo. These are a dupes to the mildliners which are more expensive and I actually prefer the brush tips of the Sharpies. They have a hard fine tip end which is so fun for doodling or adding color to your lettering and the highlighter end is a thinner highlighter which I prefer to a big thick one. The colors are also a lot of fun. 

As far as highlighters go though there isn't anything cuter than these chubby square guys. Thousands of people have bought these since I first posted about them and I hope they are making you as h happy as they make me. 

I was asked if I was taking my kids on a trip, what markers would I pack and it would probably be the Zebra Clickart pens. I like that these markers are thinner and don't have a lid to fuss with. The brush tips don't last forever though. They get a little wonky after heavy use but kids probably won't notice as much and the convenience is just magical.

As far as coloring goes, the  Ohuhu alcohol based markers are the best thing that has happened to me as of late. Hah I CANNOT stop coloring and I am not even mad about it. If you want I have a full review here and here but they are just really freaking fun. They are permanent though so for really little kids I would still with the crayola super tips. 

The Sharpie Creative markers are a good time. They are awesome for writing on gift bags or drawing on literally anything and everything that is around you. The are creativity creators for SURE. 

Extra Pen:

Ok I use the white Gelly Roll ALL THE TIME in my lettering. It's white layers on top of all my doodles and coloring to add such fun dimension. I use other colors too for doodling and letting and they are just an OG wonderful pen. Like I used to collect these in 5th grade and they still hold up to everything else that has come out since then. (I'm looking at you MATTEHOP


Muji Click Pen (My favorite barrel has been discontinued. I like this barrel better than their new click pen but it has a lid vs a click but their ink is the ultimate always and forever) 

Sarasa Black Ink (a great every day)

Sarasa Pastel Ink (doodling dream)

Sarasa Vintage Color Ink (the coolest deep vintage colors)

Sarasa Nano (their finest tips)

Sarasa R (has their deepest ink. The black is 27% darker than your average gel ink)

Sarasa Grand (high end metal body) 

UniBall One

UniBall One (the big pack)

UniBall One P (chubby cutie)

Pilot G2 (a tried and true easily available option)

Sharpie S Note Duo (fun planner and doodling marker)

Zebra Click Art Markers (click markers)

Ohuhu Markers (The BEST coloring markers)

Sharpie Creative Markers (Not a must have but fun)

Gelly Roll (Ultimate white pen)