Undated 5x8 Planner 2024
Undated 5x8 Planner 2024
Undated 5x8 Planner 2024
Undated 5x8 Planner 2024
Undated 5x8 Planner 2024
Undated 5x8 Planner 2024

Undated 5x8 Planner 2024

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The Rad & Happy planner is back with new cover design that you'll love all year long and updated interior layout. Every single pixel has been thought out and used in the most functional and beautiful way and will quickly become your happy place no matter what life throws your way.

*updates this year* I reformatted the layout to make equal room for the weekends for the weekdays. I also solved the problem of the right side of you planner not being used because it's hard to write when your hand reaches the edge. So to plan for the next week, simple rotate your planner to fill in things happening next week. This way you'll never turn a page and be shocked to find something you forgot about, while also utilizing every single part of the planner layout. 

I also kept the layout clean and beautiful with all the space for your busy life, but added a little bit of fun with a couple rad doodles throughout the layout. 

These planners provide enough structure to keep you organized and happy and enough flexibility to make it uniquely yours. The undated format makes it so if you miss a few weeks, you can pick up where you left off without wasting any precious pages. All you have to do is circle the dates and you’re good to go with no worries of your handwriting cluttering up your spread. 

  • 1 - 5x8 Undated Rad and Happy Planner
  • Undated waste free design
  • 184 Pages
  • Compact size that fits on your desk and in your bag
  • Crisp Rad & Happy original design on durable vegan leather cover
  • Lay completely flat design with stitched binding
  • Two bookmarks to mark the month and week
  • Wipeable cover
  • Year at a glance pages
  • Goal Tracker pages
  • Birthday Page
  • Dotted pages
  • Monthly spread followed by weeks Jan - Dec
  • Weeks in vertical layout
  • Updated coloring pages throughout
  • Weekly spread contains to do list, errands, tasks, notes, M-S daily space, meals, and a look at next week
  • Notes & doodles pages in the back