The day I braved IKEA with two kids


I wish I was at IKEA as a bystander to watch myself today. So there we were strolling along with the IKEA cart from hell. (For reals though. It is like they want me to knock down their whole store. Anyways) We were having a dandy ol time when Brock pulls his happy to psycho madman in about .2 seconds stunt. I am in the center of IKEA with a banshee baby and a toddler who just went poop in her diaper and doe sn't want to sit in it. I will spare you the story but it entailed nursing by the succulents and a big hug for kyra who took one for the team and finally sat in her poo so we could get the heck out of there.

This whole mom thing is crazy. It really is. And honestly.. I really actually suck at it, but I love them. Poop and screaming and all. They make me grow and learn every day. And the whole purpose of life is to become a better person right? Being a mom puts you in situations like these that bring out your flaws with a vengeance all the time. You then have the choice to hate your life, or you can do something about it and let it mold and shape you into one heck of a rad individual. (That's what I'm hoping for someday anyways.)

Today was insane. Like something out of a movie. And yes I was so painfully stressed, but for some reason I was ok. I knew they were just communicating to me in the only way they know how. But more importantly I knew that I loved them. And that I would never ever go to IKEA again without my diaper bag fully loaded with backup.