So Now What?

Introduction and workbook download
A welcome message from Tara and your workbook download.
Take a deeper dive into the Procreate app and see my workflow.
There's no limit to your artwork when you vectorize it!
Printing Your Work
Let's navigate the endless options when it comes to printing your artwork.
How to Add Doodling & Lettering to Videos
Make your creations come to life by adding them to videos!
How to Create a Repeating Pattern
Get my step-by-step process for easily creating a repeating pattern.
How to Create a Coloring Book
Ever wanted to design your own coloring book? I'll show you how in this lesson!
Resources I Used To Create Fonts
Turn your handwriting into a font + the course to take if you want to take font design seriously.
Final Thoughts
It's time to take everything you've learned in this class and start applying it!