Discount Codes

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Yessss.. discounts makes everything better right?! I decided to create this page to save all my codes I have for only my for realsies favorite companies. Some of these I get the tiniest commission of and others I don’t, but every single one of them I am obsessed with and basically begged them to work with me. hah so this list is trustworthy gold and totally and completely worth checking out!


I will never put anything else on my face ever. If you have a skin issue, I have a highlight of my favorite products from them on my IG if you want to check them out but literally I haven’t tried a product I don’t like from them. I suggest going with one of the trial kits. They are substantial sizes so you can actually give each product a good run and if you’re like me and want to fully commit after one use, they can be your travel set.

Clean Simple Eats

Code will automatically apply $15 off meal plans! Which are legitimately worth their weight in gold. I suck at looking. Like real bad. But everything I make from these books is incredible. And it’s not a lettuce and ice cube type of recipe book. The recipes are healthy but for reals amazing. It makes healthy eating actually realistic because it tastes good and my whole family will eat the meals I prep from their plans. Also their protein powder is the only powder I trust because it doesn’t taste like chalky chunky crap that gives me a stomach ache. Haha it’s SO FREAKING GOOD!

blendtec code: RADANDHAPPY

When we were first married I wanted to start eating healthier but we were also dirt poor so I couldn’t afford a ton of groceries. I could however afford frozen fruits and veggies but blending them up with my cheap blender was awful cause I can’t handle even one single chunk in my smoothies. So we invested in a blendtec. I figured it was more upfront but that it would pay itself off in the long run and MAN WAS I RIGHT. We still use it every single day and we’ve been married over 10 years. At one point it started to make a funny noise so I emailed their customer service and they sent me a new jar immediately without any hassle whatsoever. They are amazing company who stand by their products and I will forever love them and be loyal to them because of it.

Cinemood projector: code RADANDHAPPY

This thing is freaking COOL! It’s technically easiest explained as a tiny projector but it’s so much more than that. It reads stories, makes for the coolest movie nights, has games without any sketch so it’s safe for my kids, and just makes a boring show so much more magical. It’s portable so it can go in the car and to the doctors office without a screen they can break, and has a built in speaker so literally all your need is your tiny little cinemood. We have used it COUNTLESS times and love it just as much as we did day one.

Grove Collaborative

Link gives you a free gift with purchase! Grove rocks my world. I want so bad to use good natural products for my home but for SURE get overwhelmed by all the options. Grove does all the research for me and delivers it straight to my door. They also give you free products with purchase all time time and I have been using them personally for years and so pleasantly surprised with the whole experience every single time.


I drink this flavor every single morning. I love that it starts my morning out with some protein and collagen while also tasting so freaking good. It just feels good on my stomach and doesn’t make me jittery or weird feeling. It really is just happy in a cup and I look forward to it every single day. Also the chill doesn’t make you tired, it just doesn't have caffeine if that’s more your jam.