Martha For Mixbook

Literally the first thing I thought when I heard about this collaboration a was MARTHA IS SO LUCKY!!! Haha But seriously.. Mixbook is one of my all time favorite forever and for always companies that I am just blown away by the people behind the brand and the quality of their products over and over and over again.


None of my kids have baby books. I don’t have a wedding album. I am overwhelmed by the thought of trying to get caught up. But I decided just to start now. Because one day I will look back on today wishing I had documented as much as I wish I had done the baby books and the wedding album. The everyday is what matters most in my mind. Which is a huge reason I loved this theme SO much. It’s nothing monumental being documented but just us. And our life. Right as it is this moment. I just gathered the most recent photos of our family which ended up being a mix of one professional shoot we did with Tell The Birds and a whole lot of phone photos. And it turned out MAGICAL.


I keep expecting to get used to opening a Mixbook delivery but the quality literally makes me GASP out loud every single time. I aways go for the lay flat option because I love how thick the pages are so I can let me kids look at the books without worrying about them destroying it.


There is something magical about just printing the dang photos. They live on our phones and I love the “on this day” memories through facebook or my cloud storage but those photos I have seen a bunch of time on my phone make me emotional the second I see them printed. It’s worth it. And watching my kids pour over the pages and feel loved is worth it.


And just another point to Mixbook is the best in the whole freaking world.. Use code MSLRAD for 40% off your order of books and cards! It expired 5/1 so no rush but to take away some overwhelm. I made this photo book in under 15 minutes. Their software is incredible and SO easy to use. You can pull photos from your phone or instagram in just a few minutes and then auto fill your pages and adjust if necessary. It’s magical guys. Straight up magical.