Family Movie Night with HBO Max Family

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My mom was always so good at making reading magical for us growing up and it’s something I have wanted to do for my kids as well. So whenever there is a book that also has a movie, I love celebrating finishing the book with an epic family movie night. So when I found out that Charlotte’s Web was available on HBO via HBO Max Family for streaming I knew we could have a lot of fun with it.
The quote “With the right words you can change the world.” gave me the great idea to throw in a fun lettering activity because I’ll take any excuse to show my kids how fun being creative with letters is. So we took some words that Charlotte used in her web for Wilbur and experimented with some fun new lettering styles. 
My number one advice when teaching kids to play around with letters in these new ways is to make sure they know how rad it is that THEIR hands create letters like no one else. They are supposed to look different and that’s a GOOD thing! And if you don’t like the way a letter looks, look at what you want to change and try again. Have fun and don’t let your doubts hold you back. 
After we practiced some new lettering styles I had the kids pick out a word they thought described them! With their new lettering skills and creative minds rolling, they created their own signs with their own special word. It was so fun to see what they thought of and chubby kid hands writing letters might just be my favorite thing in this whole dang world. 
It really was so fun to have the creative freedom to create this project with HBO Max Family. They have such a good variety of family-friendly titles with parental controls that ensure there are only ever personalized and age-appropriate titles available which is such a relief in so many ways. I hope you guys go check them out and would love to see you recreate this movie night with your family! 
Here is a video showing some step by step instructions of how to create the different types of lettering. I encourage you to pull up a chair and do it with your kids! 
Stream HBO Max titles with the family tonight by heading to http://hbom.ax/radandhappy
WATCH HERE (will link to IGTV)
Step One: Look closely at each letter. Notice the different shapes it makes and the similarity and differences between letters. 
Step Two: Trace the second column. You can trace right over my letters and if you need extra practice, you can put a piece of paper on top and do it as many times as you need. 
Step Three: Now you're ready to try it on  your own! Use the 3rd column to write it all by yourself. Don’t sweat it if it doesn’t look exactly the same. It’s not supposed to! It has your own creative magic added to it which makes it extra special. 
Step Four: Take one of these lettering styles or make up your own and create your own Charlotte's Web sign you can hang in your room or on your fridge! Think reallyyyyy hard of a word that you feel describes you and use those new lettering skills to write it nice and big. Then color the picture and you’re done!! You should be super proud of yourself. You really are Some Kid!