Favorite Pens for Someone New To Lettering

With the recent launch of my Lettering For Littles class I wanted to share all my favorite pens that we use in the class! Snagging a couple of these to wrap up with the gift certificate is such a fun way to gift the class this holiday season!

Super Tips : These markers are my go-to for so many different things. They are really reasonably priced with so many different colors. You are able to write thick and thin with them and they rock for coloring. 

Gelly Rolls: These were basically the pinnacle of love in my life in elementary school and the love is still so fierce. They are so fun to letter and doodle with and you can layer them on top of markers for a really fun look. 

Micron Pens: Smearing your letters you just worked so hard on can be really frustrating, especially for littles. These micron pens come in a variety of widths which is rad AND they don't smear, so they're perfect for drawing over pencil that you need to erase. 

Muji Pens: Gosh these have my heart. I use them for anything and everything. They write so smooth and have the best colors. Perfect for every day use, doodling, and lettering (This link looks like it only comes with the pink but it comes with 16 colors).

Pilot G2: These pens are like the OG of cool pens and for good reason. They are easy to find, write really smooth, and are constantly coming out with new fun colors. The neon ones are so fun to doodle and letter with. 

Zebra Pencil: This is my favorite mechanical pencil. It's nice to hold, the lead doesn't break super easy and it holds up against all the wear and tear. It comes with a small eraser that's nice for erasing small details. 

Click Eraser: On that note, sometimes you need a big eraser to get things done. These click erasers don't leave a lot of residue, last forever, and erase really well. Plus, I love that it's the shape of a pen so it's easy to store. 

SketchbookIt’s so fun to see their progress as they practice! This sketchbook keeps everything all in one place instead of having random papers everywhere.