Intro iPad Pro Class

Intro iPad Pro Class

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I am so excited to teach you all about my all-time favorite tool! In this class, I share tons of tips and tricks that will help you fall in love with your iPad Pro like I did. Kick off this class with my need-to-know hacks for using the iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and Procreate App. Then get game-changing tips for learning how to take your process videos to the next level, how to easily vectorize your lettering, how to make a pattern with your drawings, and more!
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5 lessons

Get the scoop on using the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil and Procreate App to transform your lettering and drawings into versatile works of art.

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1 hour

Get all the tips and tricks that Tara can pack into each 10-minute lesson!

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We’re flexible around here! Take this class at your own pace. Be sure to practice what you learn in each lesson and then come back for more of Tara’s favorite tips and tricks!

Class Lessons

  • Vectorize Hand Lettering

    Learn the easiest, quickest, most simple way to vectorize all the pretty letters you made!

  • Make a Pattern

    Let's make two different types of patterns using the Procreate app and iPad Pro!

  • Hacks for Calligraphers, Illustrators, and Hand Letterers

    These simple hacks are serious game changers! Check out some of my favorite tips and tricks.

  • iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Hand Lettering Review

    These products are some of my favorite things ever. Find out why I love them so much!

  • Time-lapse Drawing with Procreate and iPad Pro

    Let's put everything we've learned together! Watch my drawing come to life using the Procreate app.