Hey Alt Summit friends!
Tara Rad & Happy
So happy you're here!
I wanted to get this friendship started off right, with a little gift from me to you...
I have a digital coloring page subscription called Color Happy that is full of sunshine for all ages that creates connection and creativity month after month.
I would love to give you a month for free!
Use code ALTISRAD to any of the Color Happy subscription options.
( Hint for the best deal: The year subscription already comes with a free month, so if you use this code you're able to get two months free!)
Enter code ALTISRAD at checkout for a free month of Color Happy
Color Happy
Also hi! My name is Tara. And I am fiercely dedicated to adding sunshine to your life and giving you all the excuses to use your favorite pen. All the products I design are solving a problem I had personally and took matters into my own hands and now I get to share them with you! From planners that aren’t overly bossy and have a layout that will make your heart swoon, to a belt bag that doesn’t have things fall out when you open it, every product created is so dang rad and happy. 
Tara Rad & happy
It was so great to meet you! Come say hi over on @RADANDHAPPY
because I would love to see your wonderful self more often!