5x8 planner sitting on a dark gray desk. Planner cover is half white half black.
Dated 5x8 Planner 2024
Dated 5x8 Planner 2024

Dated 5x8 Planner 2024

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The Rad & Happy dated planner you love but now also in the small but mighty 5x8 size! And with free shipping!! 

*updates this year* I reformatted the layout to make equal room for the weekends for the weekdays. I also solved the problem of the right side of you planner not being used because it's hard to write when your hand reaches the edge. So to plan for the next week, simple rotate your planner to fill in things happening next week. This way you'll never turn a page and be shocked to find something you forgot about, while also utilizing every single part of the planner layout. 

I also kept the layout clean and beautiful with all the space for your busy life, but added a little bit of fun with a couple rad doodles throughout the layout. 

The Rad & Happy planners are the most well thought out, intentional, and beautiful planners on the market. Every pixel is thought out and accounted for making the best use of space possible. There is enough structure to give you guidance but not enough that it's bossy. 

Life is happier with this incredibly rad planner. I pinkie promise this planner will win your heart over in minutes and you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 

  • 5" x 8" Dated Rad and Happy Planner
  • January 2024 thru December 2024
  • 184 Pages
  • Rad color block cover design
  • Lay completely flat design with stitched binding
  • Two bookmarks to mark the month and week
  • Wipeable cover
  • Year at a glance pages
  • Goal Tracker pages
  • Birthday Page
  • Dotted pages
  • Monthly spread followed by weeks Jan - Dec
  • Weeks in vertical layout
  • Fun holidays included
  • Weekly spread contains to do list, errands, tasks, notes, M-S daily space, meals, and a look at next week
  • Notes pages in the back